Schedule Overview

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Monday 12th April

Time (BST)Information
09:00-09:15Entry to Online Conference
09:15-09:30Welcome Meet the ICE-5 Team
09:45-12:00Presentation Panel 1 (Chaired by Jessica Hampton)
Mario Leto: The Game Changers: Narratives of the Vegan Hero
Maria Cristina: Caimotto Campaigning for cycling and well-being as resistance to hegemonic economic

Sarah Kirk-Browne: An analysis of climate change discourses in the UK parliament (2006 – 2018)
Emile Farmer: A tale of two narratives in a time of climate and ecological uncertainty: Rewilding as
an inspiring imaginary or economic, utilitarian, value-free pragmatism?

Paul White: “the food we eat is responsible for 80% of tropical forest loss”: Visibility of the
‘environmental destroyer’ in activist campaign mails

Reeta Holopainen: Revealing the Greenness of Northern Words. Linking Ecolinguistics with the Study of Finnish Poetry
Alena Zhdanava: Human–Nonhuman Animal Dichotomy:
Towards a Harmonious Relationship Between Human and Nonhuman Animals
12:00-13:00Lunch Break
13:00-15:00Presentation Panel 2 (Chaired by Mariana Roccia)
Diego Forte: All Activism is Political Activism: Discursive Strategies for Animal Rights in Argentina
Jonathan McKinney: Extinction, Joy, and Eco-Linguistic Activism
Douglas Ponton & Peter Mantello: The representation of Nature in Covid-19 Memes: Contagion and Public Discourse
David Stringer: The linguistic underpinnings of environmental personhood
Valentina Boschian: Stories-in-progress: Communicating environmental migration
Annabelle Mooney: Dirty or clean? Frameworks for waste
Morgan Sleeper & Jessica Love-Nichols: A musico-linguistic analysis of the imagined futures of ‘eco grime

Tuesday 13th April

Time (BST)Information
09:00-09:15Entry to Online Conference
09:15-09:30Daily Greetings
09:30-10:50Parallel Workshops 1
Tania Haberland (chaired by Camila Montiel McCann) Register at
BodyWording: An art/body workshop
Wendy Wuyts (chaired by Mariana Roccia) Register at
Shortened forest therapy
Helina Hookoomsing (chaired by Jessica Hampton) Register at
Rising from seed to tree – ‘The Walk Home’
11:10-12:30Parallel Workshops 2
Pamela Candea (chaired by Mariana Roccia) Register at
Using the tools of Nature to Breakthrough for Resilience
Gazelle Buchholtz (chaired by Maddie Mancey) Register at
Your World in Words – Nature, Creative Writing & Shared Reading
Polly Moseley (chaired by Jessica Hampton) Register at
Whose narrative is it anyway?
12:30-13:00Lunch Break
13:00-15:00Presentation Panel 3 (Chaired by Maddie Mancey)
Sandra Kouritzin, Taylor Ellis, & Satoru Nakagawa: Sustainability weaponised: Ecojustice versus the marketization of Canadian higher education
Elizabeth Burt: Introducing climate change into teachers’ literacy curriculums
Catrin Bellay: Linguistic rewilding on a university campus?
John Katunich: Revitalizing a translingual commons in language education: Toward a convivial vision of English language teaching
Josh Skjold: The Garden Party
Isaac Ramírez Benavides: 20 Years of Ecolinguistics: An Overview on the Evolution of the Field
16:00-17:15Workshop with Lee Lee: SEED: Restoration Liberation (Chaired by Camila Montiel McCann)
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Wednesday 14th April

Time (BST)Information
09:00-09:10Entry to Online Conference
09:10-09:15Daily Greetings
09:15-10:15Presentation Panel 4 (Chaired by Jessica Hampton)
Giulia Lepori: The Language of Becoming-with
Liu Ming & Huang Jingyi: “Global Warming” or “Climate Change”? A Corpus-assisted Discourse Study of the Competing Use of Two Catchwords in Environmental News Discourse
He Wei: A Contrastive Ecological Discourse Analysis of Thematic Choices in Trump’s and Wang’s Speeches
10:25-11:00“Getting your Ecolinguistics book published” (Chaired by Maddie Mancey)
Q&A session with Bloomsbury’s Commissioning Editor, Prof Arran Stibbe and Mariana Roccia
11:15-13:15Presentation Panel 5 (Chaired by Jessica Hampton)
Q&A for website presentations
Helina Hookoomsing & Shameem Oozeerally: Ecology and language in motion: Analysis of a creative performance of holistic trainee teachers in the Mauritian context
Taylor Ellis: Ethnic vs. Civic Nationalism: Capitalist enclosures and Indigenous land rights in Nunavut
Maddie Mancey: Beyond the Hard Rain: Multimodal Ecolingusitic Analysis
Andrea Boom, Jack Wilson, & Janet C.E. Watson: From Naming to Numbers
13:15-13:45Close (don’t forget to drop by at the evening panel to see exclusive guests!)
18:00-19:30Exciting panel discussion hosted by ICE-5 and the NWCDTP – “Eco-language in action: tackling real-world issues” (Chaired by Camila Montiel McCann)
Free online event open to all with Small Steps Liverpool, Greens of Colour UK, Prof Arran Stibbe, Mariana Roccia, and Jessica Hampton
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