ICE-5: The Fifth International Conference on Ecolinguistics

The theme of this conference is: 

Ecolinguistics in Action: Tackling Real-World Issues

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The conference aims to create a dynamic and stimulating space for discussions and sharing of knowledge from across all relevant disciplines in an attempt to engage academics with different perspectives and ideas on how to use ecolinguistic research to bring about change. Ecolinguistics explores the role of language in the life-sustaining interactions of humans, other species and the physical environment.

One aim of ecolinguistics is to develop linguistic theories which see humans not only as part of society, but also as part of the larger ecosystems that life depends on. Another aim is to show how linguistics can be used to address key ecological issues, from climate change and biodiversity loss to environmental justice.

ICE-5 will focus particularly on this second aim, and build on the themes of previous ICE conferences (held in Denmark and China) which explored how linguistics can contribute to the creation of ecological civilisations. ICE-5 will place a particular emphasis on practically resisting the hegemonic narratives of industrial civilisations and working towards concrete changes which can help more ecologically beneficial forms of society emerge.   

Planned Timetable

  • Initial Call for Papers: 11 November, 2019
  • Deadline for abstract submissions: 1 March, 2020
  • Extended Deadline for abstract submissions: 15 March, 2020
  • Notification of acceptance: 13 April, 2020
  • ICE-5 email ‘Update/Reminder’ about physical or digital presenting preference: 4 – 6 August, 2020
  • ICE-5 email ‘Conference Plan’ about hybrid/online presenting: January 2021
  • Schedule for live sessions finalized: March 2021
  • Online platform opens for uploads: April 2021
  • Presentation materials available to view: April 2021
  • Conference platform is live for sessions: Monday 12th – Wednesday 14th April 2021

In association with IEA, the global network of researchers

About the ICE-5 Logo

The logo and cover image were designed by Matt Molloy, a Graphic Design student from the University of Gloucestershire. They are intended to represent the theme and the wider International Ecolinguistics Association holistically. The theme is conveyed through the faded global outline seen inside the shape of a simple leaf which is highlighted in shades of blue and green. This encompasses the way in which the world and its vast range of languages and cultures is enveloped by nature in a complex ecology. When we look to study linguistics, we are in fact studying the more-than-human world itself.