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The following organisations* are involved in ICE-5 events as part of this year’s ICE engagement with real-world issues. They contribute towards an intersectional environmental discourse by providing a spotlight for public voices alongside academic, and actively encourgage engagement with ecological issues. See below for more details about the workshops featuring Small Steps and panel featuring IEA Members, Greens of Colour and Small Steps. Visit Registration for links to sign up (the workshops have very limited spaces, but there are plenty of tickets available for the panel.)

Small Steps Events

Small Steps Events is a Merseyside-based community interest company with a strong community focus. They aim to bring awareness to different social issues, such as the climate emergency, through a variety of events – including workshops, exhibitions and music.

Greens of Colour

Greens of Colour are a subgroup within the Green Party of England and Wales (GPEW). They aim to advance the rights of Black, Asian and Ethnic Minorities in the UK (BAME), including those who identify as People of Colour (PoC). The GoC increases awareness and shares information about issues facing BAME & PoC in the Green Party and in society as a whole.

The involvement of Small Steps Events and Greens of Colour reflect the commitment of the conference in collaborating with grassroots organisations to tackle the real-world issues addressed within ecolinguistics. Through the inclusion of workshops led by Small Steps and a panel discussion with the organisation (as well as ICE-5 organisers and researchers) we aim to make the language of ecolinguistics itself, and ecology more broadly, increasingly accessible to the general public so that we can work together to bring about real and meaningful change.

Small Steps Wax Wrap Workshop
  • Event: Online Workshop
  • Date: 10/04/21
  • Time (GMT): 13:00-14:30
  • Tickets: SOLD OUT
  • Eventbrite: Wax Wrap Workshop
  • Overview: This workshop, ran by Small Steps and funded by the NWCDTP, teaches attendees how to make their own eco-friendly clingfilm at home.
Small Steps Seed Bomb Workshop
  • Event: Online Workshop
  • Date: 11/04/21
  • Time (GMT): 13:00-14:30
  • Tickets: Limited Tickets Available
  • Eventbrite: Seed Bomb Workshop
  • Overview: This workshop, ran by Small Steps and funded by the NWCDTP, teaches attendees how to make their own seed bombs to produce wildflowers.
Online Panel with Greens of Colour and Members of ICE-5 (image taken from previous Greens of Colour Zoom meeting)
  • Event: Online Panel Discussion
  • Date: 14/04/21
  • Time (GMT): 18:00-19:30
  • Tickets: Available
  • Eventbrite: Eco-language in Action: Tackling Real-World Issues
  • Overview: Sitting on the panel will be: Niamh Mitchell; the founder of Small Steps, Azzees Minnott; the Chair of Greens of Colour -a subgroup within the Green Party of England and Wales – Professor Arran Stibbe; the founder of the Ecolinguistics Association and professor of ecolinguitiscs . He will be joined by Jessica Iubini-Hampton, a PhD candidate at the University of Liverpool researching language attitudes and vitality in relation to minoritised languages, and Mariana Roccia, co-editor of the book series Bloomsbury Advances in Ecolinguistics.

*Disclaimer: The International Conference of Ecolinguistics is strictly Nonpartisan and does not harbour any affiliation to political parties, organisations or likewise. Any comments by members of the conference are to adhere to our code of conduct.

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