Information for Attendees

To be an attendee of this conference, they must be registered by going through our Eventbrite link on this page before Monday 12th April 2021. This is completely free of charge and available to all those with an interest in ecology, linguistics, sustainability, real-world issues and more!

Attendees can then attend the conference (consisting of live online presentations, Q&A sessions with the presenters and various workshops) through this event link sent to them by email and from the date/times specified on Schedule Overview.

Specifically, this means that they will be able to attend any/all of the live online sessions taking place from the 12th-14th April 2021. They will be held via Zoom, so attendees must ensure this application is downloaded before the sessions. These live sessions will not be recorded, so attendees should ensure to take note of the presentations they would like to attend so as not to miss out.

These sessions will be moderated / facilitated by the Conference Organizers. Attendees will be able to submit questions live through the Zoom “chat” function, and the facilitator will present questions to the presenters, who will answer them orally.

The presentations and Q&A sessions are scheduled at a variety of times over the three days to maximise accessibility around the world, and will be optimized for the presenters and discussants involved. Individual presenters are scheduled to have their presentation and Q&A session at a particular time within the block, and these times will be posted. Please allow for slight changes to these times however for practical considerations; the schedule may not be adhered to precisely.

For practical reasons, these chat sessions will not be officially moderated, thus participants are expected to abide by a code of online conduct.