Information for Presenters

Presenters will need to ensure they are prepared for a live presentation to be held via Zoom, ensuring that all the necessary equipment such as a microphone, camera and a strong internet connection are all functional for the event.

After carrying out their presentation in a provided time slot, they will be given a pre-arranged time slot during the regular conference programme (between 12th April and 14th April) in which they are asked to participate in a live 15-minute Q&A session about their presentation via Zoom. This session will follow three presentations given out by each presenter one-by-one, and open to be viewed by any registered conference attendee. It will be moderated / facilitated by the conference organizers. Attendees will be able to submit questions live through the “chat” function, and the facilitator will present questions to the three presenters, who will answer questions orally during the Q&A. 

For pre-recording presenters, attendees and other presenters will be able to leave comments and questions on the corresponding site page during the conference. To access this page click here.

The pre-recording presenters can expect to have their presentations uploaded to the site and visible to all members of the conference on or before the 12th April 2021, or Day One of ICE-5.

To give out their live presentation in a pre-allotted timeslot, they can simply deliver it orally, or use the ‘screen-sharing’ function and use presentation slides/other materials as visual aids while discussing their subject. Please be aware that these materials must be clear and able to be understood by all attendees, so lots of text on presentation slides is not recommended.